Why did Jesus Pray?

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Introduction There are three views that attempt to explain the prayers of Jesus to the Father. The first view is the traditional Trinitarian view that contends that since a person prays, Jesus as the second person of the Trinity prayed to God the Father who… Read More »Why did Jesus Pray?

Why was Jesus Tempted?

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There are several questions raised about the Lord Jesus Christ and His ministry. One of them says, If Jesus was God, why was he tempted? Of course the Bible says that Jesus was tempted. For instance, in Luke 4:2 says, “Being forty days tempted of… Read More »Why was Jesus Tempted?

Who Is Jesus To You?

Can you answer this question, honestly? Can you call Jesus the Mighty God? Can you Call Jesus the Father? is Jesus the Father or just the Son? If your answer is, “He is the Son of God,” that is correct because it’s Biblical. But did… Read More »Who Is Jesus To You?

The Flesh of Christ

Many are claiming that Jesus has the same flesh of the dust like human beings. The question then is, what does the bible say about this? From where has the assertion that Jesus must have a flesh akin to ours to be our salvation come… Read More »The Flesh of Christ